The Pentlands are full of butterflies, sheep and wolves

… Or maybe the PAs were just making that last bit up.

A band of hardy souls even soldiered up Arthur’s Seat at 3am on the last morning, in hope of seeing the sunrise over the city…



PKP held a ceilidh on our last night in Edinburgh! A ceilidh is a traditional Gaelic social gathering with folk music and dancing. The sheer energy of it is very good at making you instantly¬†forget that you’ve in fact spent all day walking around the city and trekking over mountains. There are a huge number of different dances. For example, in Strip the Willow, everyone gets into long lines down the room, and each person goes down the line dancing for a few bars with the next person of the opposite sex in line. Or, as often happens, anyone within reach, really.

So, that’s it, then. We bid a tearful goodbye to Scotland and packed ourselves back into the coaches. On the way back we checked out Richmond, a market town in the Yorkshire Dales:


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