Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?

On Friday we went for a karaoke dinner by the river in Shabu-Shabu, a Thai restaurant . Deep fried ice cream, anyone?

There was something incredible about being in a room full of students from all over the world singing together to the same well-loved songs. Even if that song was Complicated by Avril Lavigne. Everyone who started the night insisting they’d “just come to watch”, was belting out U2 by 8:30.

In particular, the multilingual karaoke provided a chance to unite our Chinese students from all over the world who have come on the course, as Chinese American, Chinese British and Chinese Australian students joined in with students who had been born and bred in China, singing the same Mandarin songs. Two students, who had not been familiar with some of the other songs, broke out with a couple of fantastically heartfelt duets in Cantonese. The hush during their performance was followed by some of the most ecstatic applause of the night.

A sports afternoon and barbecue capped off the week:


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