Cambridge’s Treasures

The PAs, being Cambridge students, know all the good places to go in the city. Accordingly, Chris took us out on Monday to his favourite eatery of all time, a delicious little Korean place tucked away on the south side of town, and over bibimbap, we all discussed our home cuisines, and our favourite places to eat where we live.


On Wednesday, Rob Wallach, Vice Provost of King’s, gave us a lecture on the “Treasures of Cambridge”. Anyone who’s been to one of Rob’s talks knows he has an unbeatable lecturing style, informal and very humorous.

Rob began with a discussion of the evolution of engineering materials, including the history of the toilet from King Minos to Sir John Harington, the inventor of the first modern flush toilet, who was educated at King’s! His talk highlighted some of the many museums and open spaces around Cambridge, as well as explaining, in terms of its origins in the chronometer, the “grasshopper escapement” of the Corpus Clock.

The lecture concluded with some serious points about the changes that still need to be made, as Rob emphasised the need for greater openness, as demonstrated by Edward Snowdon, and changes in the way we teach and assess, raising the point that current memorisation-based forms of assessment are out of touch with the ease of access to information that comes with living in the 21st century.

And who better to take us out and about touring Cambridge’s treasures than Nick Chrimes, author of Cambridge: Treasure Island in the Fens?


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