The Cambridge Spies

We’ve come to the end of another intense week of lectures and seminars, the highlight of which must be Professor Christopher Andrew’s fantastic plenary lecture on “The Cambridge Spies”:

Chronicling the lives of the spies known as the “Magnificent Five”, Professor Andrew explored possible motivations for their actions, the profile of their charismatic recruiter Dr Arnold Deutsch, as well as the conundrum which took the longest of all to solve: the identity of Soviet agent ELLI. As the Emeritus Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at Cambridge, and the Official Historian of MI5 until 2010, Prof. Andrew shed light on Cambridge’s tumultuous history of association with British intelligence  – At one point, one third of King’s fellows worked at Bletchley Park, and Alan Turing, widely recognised as the greatest codebreaker in modern British history, was elected a fellow of the college. Whether he was recounting his personal conversations with KGB general Oleg Kalugin, showing photos of  family Christmases from Kim Philby’s later years, or handing round a magazine interview with Donald Maclean during his undergraduate days, Prof. Andrew made sure this year’s series of plenary lectures finished with a bang!

In other news, if you haven’t been to Fitzbillies for afternoon tea and one of their delicious, sticky, curranty, Chelsea buns yet, you have not been spending your time wisely. We have:

IMG_9097 copy IMG_9100


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