Students vs. Staff Match!

Though the ducks appeared stubbornly unimpressed by students zig-zagging down the river and entangling themselves in bank flora, on the whole kayaking is a pretty efficient way to get down the river (compared to punting at least).


We made it all the way down to Grantchester Meadows. The village of Grantchester is about an hour’s walk away from Cambridge, and every week has seen little deputations of PKP students make the trek for afternoon tea in The Orchard, a tea garden in Grantchester “where more famous people have taken tea than anywhere else in the world”. Punting and rowing have a bit of a monopoly on the part of the river where the colleges are, but as you start to get out of the city centre, you see kayakers, canoeists, and even the odd swimmer or two.


Following on from the England friendly we watched together on Wednesday in Pembroke bar, Friday saw the much-anticipated PKP Students vs. Staff football match! The 11-a-side game, dubbed “the match of the summer”, took place on Pembroke College Sports Ground.

The staff side saw PAs, lecturers, and even bar and IT staff, rally together – though Deputy Director Greg dropped out due to other commitments this morning, to the disappointment of many. Lots of people turned out in shirts from their favourite clubs: local, national and school teams were all represented, and made for a colourful pitch.


Final score: Staff 5, Students 4.

Well done all!


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