Spotlight on: Finance and Quantitative Analysis

In recent years we have seen a global financial crisis, the Eurozone crisis and the US reaching the verge of default. It has made us all more aware of the impact of the financial markets on our daily lives.

The Introduction to Finance and Methods of Quantitative Analysis course offers a chance to explore the connections between financiers, investors and ordinary people.

Even those students with little or no background in financial economics are welcome to take the course as part of their PKP studies. The lectures are packed with key terms: supply, demand, inflation, fluctuation, assets, credit, loans. As well as introducing the basic concepts and vocabulary, the lectures are accompanied by practical sessions in which students learn how to use Excel for financial modelling.

Here, PKP student Rawan explains what the course has taught her so far:

The lectures are characterised by lively interaction and lots of opportunities to ask questions. In the following video clip Dr Ansgar Walther, a Research Fellow at Oxford University, responds to one student’s question: what common features are shared by financial crises in different countries?

You can find out more about the course on the Pembroke College website.


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