Food Glorious Food

Britain may not be known for its cuisine, but PKP students have been discovering that it does have some culinary delights to offer.

As one of our students, Courtney, puts it: ‘The food is not nearly as bad as everybody says!’

Three meals in particular have proved firm favourites with our students.


PKP student Meyi Dwicahyani is a lifestyle blogger for hKUDOS, the official student blog of the University of Hong Kong. For her latest post, Keep Calm & Enjoy Brunch, she did her research by visiting four Cambridge eateries that offer the perfect weekend indulgence.

My British odyssey is not complete without brunch on the weekends. Buttery scones, flaky croissants, creamy eggs benedict and hot cocoa perfectly define brunch for me. A hybrid of breakfast and lunch, brunch is usually eaten from late morning to late afternoon. Brunch is the perfect meal for every university student on weekends, isn’t it?

Read more on the hKUDOS website.

Afternoon Tea

PKP students are regularly offered the chance to enjoy ‘afternoon tea’ in the Thomas Gray Room at Pembroke College. This mid-afternoon feast usually consists of sandwiches, scones, cakes, pastries and copious amounts of tea.

Another popular spot to enjoy this traditional treat is the Orchard Tea Garden at Granchester, just a short walk along the riverside.

However, a glance at some of the PKP student blogs reveal that our students have travelled far and wide to find the very best scones, sampling afternoon teas in Edinburgh, Bath and Canterbury.

Photo credit: Meyi Dwicahyani | Jingyi Li | Kim Smith

Formal Hall

Formal Hall is a Cambridge tradition in which students can enjoy a three-course meal with wine served in the College dining hall, often by candlelight.

Since she arrived in Europe at the start of the summer, PKP blogger Nikki Friedman has enjoyed escargot in Paris, haggis in Scotland and apple strudel in Germany. However, she has still not found anything that compares to a Cambridge Formal Hall.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cambridge Formal

Our second formal was an absolute success! Dining in the beautiful dining hall is always an incredible experience. The long tables draped in white table cloths, and all of the paintings hanging on the walls really bring together the whole atmosphere. The food was absolutely phenomenal! I didn’t understand a single word on the menu but I ate it all anyway!

Photo credits: Tim Wang | Meyi Dwicahyani | Karine Babayan

Our mouths are watering already!



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