Spotlight on: Sister Arts

Do you love poetry, sculpture, museums, cartoons or gardens? All of these and more feature in the PKP course, Sister Arts: Literature and Visual Culture from Restoration to Regency.

PKP student Rebecca explains what she has enjoyed about the course:

The course lecturer, Dr Mary Newbould, writes: ‘The relationship between words and images has ancient roots, yet it flourished with particular richness in the period extending from the late seventeenth to the early nineteenth centuries. In this course we will probe how far the interaction between these different areas of creativity offers fresh insights into the radical changes that took place throughout this period in philosophy, writing, art, politics, and society.’

Here, she introduces the class to three major caricature artists from the late eighteenth century:

Seminars give students the opportunity to meet in smaller groups to discuss their lectures and further reading. Students are encouraged to think beyond the syllabus and to construct their own arguments about the subjects. Following the lecture on caricatures, the group talked about social mobility, satire, the social role of laughter and the moral duty of art.

If you want to find out more about the course, why not visit the Pembroke College website?


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