Student profile: Ip Hang Fai

This student profile is part of a series on the students who attend PKP.

Ip Hang Fai, or Anthony as he is known to his British friends, attended PKP in 2014. In this video, he describes some of the highlights:

Anthony says:

‘I am from Hong Kong and I can say the programme is excellent. I love taking courses here as they’re all Cambridge style and they provide you with access to teaching by different lecturers. You get to know a lot of friends from all over the globe as well. And I love the activities run by the Programme Assistants (PAs) including the BBC Proms trip, the London trip, the cream teas… and the list goes on and on. I also love joining the Formal Halls in particular because everyone dresses up and they’re ready to take a lot of photos. The atmosphere is great as we’re eating in a big dining hall with lots of pictures hanging on the walls. This is really a fresh experience for me! Overall I would say the programme is marvellous and I’d definitely recommend it to everyone.’

Below are some photos of Anthony with those who inspired him during his time here:


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