Student Profile: Rebecca

This student profile is part of a series on the students who attend PKP. Rebecca, a student of the University of Dallas at Texas, came to PKP in 2014.

She says: ‘I wanted to apply to PKP because it offered the most comprehensive programme in what I’m interested in, which is literature and creative writing. A lot of other programmes would have a two week programme or one class; in this programme I was able to take lots of classes. It is an incredible opportunity to have the best professors I could ask for.

‘The fact that I was able to be on the campus of Cambridge at Pembroke College was also a huge plus. I went to do the tour of King’s Chapel and it was just astounding. Hearing how it was preserved was really cool.

‘One of the great things about the programme is the fact that everyone is high achieving that is here and is really pushing to create amazing work. When people say things you hear a vastly different perspective. I’ve never had the experience before; sitting in the Hall and eating and have amazing discussions about what people are writing and reading. I learn so much each day not just from my professors but also from the people I’m around. Definitely my classmates have been very inspiring.

‘I had thought that I might want to do a graduate programme at the University of Cambridge and coming to PKP helped me see the level of work, the excitement the professors have for what they teach and the fact that it is an incredible environment to be in for learning and for socialising.’

Why not watch the video to hear more about the supervision system, class discussions and the classes that Rebecca took, which included Sister Arts.


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