Ready, set, go: PKP 2015

Programme Assistant (PA) Jack Dhainaut writes:

IMG_2122It’s hard to believe that PKP 2015 has already been up and running for a week now! The time has flown by, with a packed schedule ensuring that the first time most of us managed to put our feet up was on Sunday.

Everyone has happily settled into their accommodation either at Pembroke or at King’s. While most students have been amazed at the quirkiness and quaintness of the beautiful old rooms on the two college sites, some have been a little perturbed to find that they share their new space with some uninvited, eight-legged guests. Don’t worry, the spiders in the UK are harmless!

There was barely time for the students to get their heads round their timetables on the first couple of teaching days before the International Programmes staff and the PAs rounded them all up in the Cambridge Union Society Debating Chamber for a day of inductions and stimulating talks on life in Cambridge given by Prof. Jonathan Steinberg and Dr Rob Wallach. Record temperatures and a blazing sun meant that the iconic chamber became rather warm rather quickly, but we Brits have all been grateful for the opportunity to eat lunch outside every day. Who said it rains all the time here?!

019697_bdfa051cAn early start on Saturday was in order for the London trip. With a fleet of coaches and almost 350 people departing from Cambridge, this was no mean feat to organise, and thanks must go to the IP staff for all their work in making this day a success. It culminated in a spin on the London Eye – an unforgettable experience affording fantastic views over the best city in the world!

Today has seen the programme begin to settle down into its normal routine, with a full week of classes ahead. But it’s not just work – the PAs have devised an action-packed schedule for the students, with activities as diverse as a choral concert, a zumba class and a picnic by the river all to look forward to! Here’s to a wonderful second week!


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