Student Profile: Gu Huimin

Gu Huimin is a student at Nanjing University in China. She attended the Pembroke-King’s Programme 2015 and shared her thoughts on the experience.

The CUS Pool Room, where some of the courses took place

The CUS Pool Room, where some courses took place

Although it lasted only two months, the Pembroke-King’s Programme offered me the most fantastic, unforgettable summer of my life. It was very lucky and honorable for me, a Chinese student who had never studied abroad before, to experience a different education style in Cambridge, to discover the attractive history and scenery in Britain and to meet the most brilliant people from all over the world.

The academic life in Cambridge was well-regulated, sometimes busy, but fulfilled. It is more a complete term than a summer programme. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from all my three courses. I appreciated dating back to the Regency, rereading Jane Austen and her novels. I adored the philosophical way that we tried to understand the philosophers and their thoughts in Good Life or Moral Life. I cherish the opportunity to understand the world politics from a global and theoretical perspective.

Aside from the intensive studies, I took full advantage of my two-month stay in Cambridge to look around. There is a lot of treasure just in Cambridge. Every time I wandered around, I would find surprises, buildings rich in history, places with interesting anecdotes and even scenes from films. The magnificent sunset and the starry night are both beautiful memories. Travels are very convenient as well. I think every city in Britain has their own unique feature, thus they are all worth visiting.

Thanks to PKP, I encountered people in multiple backgrounds and made lifelong friends with some of them. They, together with PKP, comprise this memorable summer in the UK for me.

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