2016 Spring Semester Programme

SSP 2017The undergraduates returned to Pembroke last weekend after the Christmas break, but this term we have some exciting new additions to the College – the Spring Semester Students have arrived! This programme, organized by Pembroke’s International Programmes office, invites students from some of the leading US universities to spend one semester (i.e. two full terms) at Pembroke and experience life at Cambridge University. We usually have around thirty Spring Semester students each year.

Spring Semester students are encouraged to participate fully in College life, in everything from academic studies to extracurricular activities. They are invited to join College ‘families’ and experience Cambridge traditions such as formals, punting and College bops, although long hours in the library are also an inevitable part of the deal.

This year’s Spring Semester students are studying a variety of subjects including History of Art, Political Science, Economics and Anthropology, and will take one Cambridge paper per term in their major area of study. They will be attending their first Formal Hall tonight, preceded by drinks with the Master.

You can read more about the Spring Semester programme in this blog post by one of our former Spring Semester students here.

Applications for the 2017 Spring Semester Programme are now open. For more information, please visit the website.


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