The P Stands for Photos

Over the course of the Pembroke-King’s Programme, we have been running several competitions; blog, video, and photo of the week and though the entries for the first two have been excellent, the each week the entries for Photo of the Week have been excellent and numerous.

On our Facebook page there is an album dedicated to the winning photos of the weekly competition and albums showcasing each week’s entries will shortly be joining it, but in this post I would like to showcase the runners up – the photos that made deciding who was going to win each week so much harder and also made it so much more fun.

In Week 1, we had 28 submissions.

In Week 2, there were 136 entries which led to two winners and a lot of runners up.

Week 3 sent me 147 entries.

50 entries for Week 4

Week 5 also had 50 entries

192 entries for Week 6. One Hundred and Ninety-Two entries. So there were three winners from 23 runners up.

209 entries in the final week with runners up and winners still to be announced…


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