The P Stands for Proms

PKP Proms

Credit: Janice Lew

There is something about the BBC Proms that is incredibly British. It probably has something to do with the picnic blankets. Whatever it is, it is something that the PAs feel is integral to the PKP experience with trips to the Proms having run for several years now.

This year the classical music education began with a trip to see the Aurora Orchestra at the end of July which drew many students who had never seen an orchestra before. The Aurora Orchestra, who are known for their desire to make their events accessible to those unfamiliar with classical music, evidently bewitched some of the PKP students as several went on to the trips to London.

PAs Tom and Jack headed down for the Friday performance to see a Tchaikovsky violin concerto and Stravinsky’s Petrushka.

Saturday’s trip was led by Alice and Vlad to see the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland deliver a 5* performance according to The Art’s Desk.  Following that, some of the students stuck around for the evening performance of Tchaikovsky’s 2nd piano concerto. Moving for this second show from the Arena to the Gallery, the group then got to appreciate the amazing acoustics of the Royal Albert Hall as the sound of the orchestra filled the Hall.

The success of the weekend certainly left the Alice feeling as though the PAs had “done their duty to spread the love of classical music”.





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