The P Stands for Python

The Pembroke-King’s Programme offers a chance for students from all over the world to experience a small slice of British culture, and what better way than by becoming familiar with British Comedy?

The comedic education begins with the weekly evening showings of the classics. These are selected by PA Ashley and each week loosely follows a theme. There was The Thick of It and Yes, Minister for Political satire week; Monty Python for Best of Footlights; and classics such as Fawlty Towers and Are You Being Served for Occupational Hazards. The wide-ranging programme was rounded out by British legends Victoria Wood, Catherine Tate, Eddie Izzard, and the Two Ronnies.IMG_7327

For those who want to put what they’ve learnt into practice, there are Improv sessions every week. For those, you merely need to follow the sounds of laughter up the stairs of Pembroke’s Foundress Court to where you will find PAs Lucy and Ashley and an assortment of students playing games such as making up stories one word at a time and the British Classic of Just A Minute. IMG_7332


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