The P Stands for Points

There’s something about the vaulted ceilings and spires of King’s and the long tables of Pembroke that evokes a sense of Hogwarts.

It’s hard to pin it down exactly but it might have something to do with the students wearing gowns, or the buildings dating all the way back to the 14th Century, or the dark corridors and winding staircases. Whatever it is, it is inescapable; there is magic in Cambridge and where there is magic, there are the four Houses.13599806_10209159693776938_3806760400047391104_n

It started when the programme began with one innocuous quiz to aid in the Sorting. That was followed by the creation of house lists and the decoration of points jars.

Points were awarded for participation, for joining in, contributing, and turning up.

What may appear on the outside to be mere kidney beans, in fact came to symbolise house pride, the knowledge that you had brought honour to your family and the promise of victory over your enemies (to the Slytherins at least, I guess the Hufflepuffs just thought of them as cool or something).

As the programme continued, the jars began to fill, and the scores began to shuffle. Ravenclaw took an early lead, with Slytherin beating them briefly before the ‘claws reasserted their dominance once more. The competition has been tense with everybody still in with a chance of winning (except Hufflepuff).

As Slytherin began to secure an increasingly undeniable lead, the situation became desperate. The PAs, in their role as Heads of Houses, called for House Socials in their respective common rooms in order to boost morale and House Spirit. These gatherings varied house by house – sometimes even involving food decorated with House symbols – but worked to remind the students of the glory they were fighting for. This was never more true than for Hufflepuff, who were led in a vigorous game of Pass the Parcel by one of their Heads of House, Postman Tom. Regardless of affiliation, all got involved and enjoyed the opportunity to mingle whilst bringing honour to their houses.

With the stakes so high, the beans were counted and then counted again before the final dinner of the programme, everyone wanting to be sure that the deserving house was crowned the winner of the coveted House Cup.

The results were:

Hufflepuff: 819 and 3/4 beans

Gryffindor: 927 beans

Ravenclaw: 985 and 3/4 beans

Slytherin: 1,631 and 3/4 beans

House points

Congratulations to Slytherin on their win, and to individual winners Nell DyTang (Slytherin) and Ceanna Van Eaton (Gryffindor) for bringing especial honour to their houses by collecting 228 and 224 beans respectively.



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