The American Elections

As part of the Pembroke-King’s Programme (PKP) all students are invited to a series of plenary lectures over the summer.  These evening talks are given by senior academics and public figures on fascinating topics and are followed by informal question and answer sessions.

Magdalene College Life Fellow, Professor Stefan Halper was the first to be invited to give a plenary lecture to the audience of PKP students and staff last summer. Using his extensive experience not just as an academic but also serving US presidents in the White House and State Department, Professor Halper discussed the upcoming Presidential Election.

His talk focused on the phenomenon which is “Trump’s maverick candidacy” while also explaining the deficits in Clinton’s campaign which have caused the campaign to become almost too close to call. Professor Halper concluded his talk by stating that if the media focuses on Clinton, she will lose, whereas if they continue to focus on Trump, he will lose. This will be true despite Trump’s adept handling of the media that has resulted in him receiving two billion dollars worth of free media coverage.

The floor was then opened up for students to ask questions which Professor Halper answered, only declining to tell the gathering who he was planning on voting for.


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