Student Profile: Edwin Li

Edwin 3

Music major Edwin Li attends Hong Kong University and was one of the PKP-HKU Scholars in for the 2016 PKP programme.

What courses did you take?

Edwin 1Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Mind, and Art, Emotion, and Morality. My supervision is a different experience than most because I am writing four smaller essays each exploring a different musical time period, from the Renaissance to Twentieth Century Music. It’s been quite challenging because in previous years I’ve done quite focused work on one composer, whereas here I am covering a vast amount of literature in a short period of time  for my supervisions but it is great experience for me as I would like to be an academic.Edwin 2

Why did you chose to apply to PKP?

The reason I decided to come to PKP was the chance it afforded to explore a new discipline in Philosophy. I have always been interested in Philosophy but I don’t have the opportunity to study the subject in Hong Kong because in addition to music I study two languages and so I simply don’t have time. My supervisor told me that there is no discipline that stands on its own, everything is interdisciplinary, so I aspire to apply the philosophical teachings to my own research in the future.

How did you find the teaching?

Edwin 5It was quite similar to my home course because I have 5 people in a class at home so we get quite focused attention from the professor whereas here I have maybe 12/13. The lecturers are really engaging, and in the seminars they interact with us a lot.

How did you find the social aspect of PKP?

In HKU, the culture is very stratified because there’s the group from the Chinese mainland, the group from Hong Kong, and then the exchange students and the three groups don’t really communicate with one another, whereas here we are forced to talk to one another in the best possible way. One of my American friends spoke about his life and he was really honest about his experiences in the gay parade which is very different from at home.

What was your favourite thing about PKP?Edwin 4

I think it has to be my supervision project. In my junior years I really focused on just music because it is my interest but since coming here, I’ve realised that it is not the best thing to do, I will take back history and philosophy to help enrich my experience of learning. I would definitely advise people to  take the supervision option if they come on PKP.



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