Student Profile: Nisha Kale

Nisha Kale from the University of Southern California attended PKP in 2016 and had this to say about her time in Cambridge.

A sophomore going into her junior year, Nisha majors in Neuroscience and in Law, History and Culture.

Why did you apply to PKP?

I saw a study abroad flyer at USC and I’ve always wanted to study abroad but I’ve not been able to as I am a Pre-Med student.

What courses did you take at PKP?

History of Medicine, Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Mind, and International Law/War(fare) modules. All of which count towards the Law, History & Culture major. I really enjoyed all of the modules but especially the History of Medicine course. The lecturer sounds like a novel but he is really interesting and covers diverse topics. Plus History of Medicine very much finds the balance between my interests of history and science.

I haven’t found the course too different here, the emphasis is different because the course is condensed. I didn’t expect so much reading from International Law but it has all been manageable and enjoyable. I’ve felt like I’ve had enough time to do everything.

Favourite parts?

The location is great; I’ve travelled to Edinburgh, Cornwall and Amsterdam.

The atmosphere and the people here also are great. The PAs encourage doing a lot of fun stuff and they’re also great as they are always there if you have a problem or know who you should talk to. It’s great to have them around as well, because they’re all British otherwise you wouldn’t really get to know that many actual British people.

Probably though, the lectures are the best part for me, I really like the format. I also really like the interdisciplinary nature of PKP, getting to study subjects that appeal to all my interests is really cool.



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