Spotlight On: Art, Emotion, and Morality

th1uvd530kArt, Emotion, and Morality is a course that has been run by Dr Damien Freeman for nine years. It is designed to encourage those with a philosophical background as well as those without to think about the value of art both emotionally and morally.

Speaking to Dr Freeman about the course and its lecture and seminar structure, he made it very clear that he is conscious that for many taking the course, this will be their first introduction if not to philosophy then to this specific subject and so he approaches each topic with a desire to communicate the most important points of an argument.

Although many students begin the course with a lack of deep understanding towards the importance of art and the way it connects with our emotions and moral life, Dr Freeman often finds that towards the end of the module students have gained a much deeper respect for the idea that art is more than just for entertainment.

The ultimate goal of the course, however, is to ensure that students come away with a sense of how philosophers think, how they ask questions, and above all, that thinking should be anchored in argument.


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