Student Profile: Guolin Gu

Guolin 2Guolin Gu, a sociology and psychology major, was one of the three PKP – University of Hong Kong Scholars on PKP 2016 and she chatted to us about her time in Cambridge.

What made you want to apply to PKP?

The ability to get a scholarship was a big part of it but also the Supervision, as I am thinking about going on to graduate work so it’s great practice for that. I also spent a semester abroad in the US last year so I wanted to compare and contrast between the two worlds and how they teach.

How did you find the supervision?

I was surprised by how much attention I was getting from my supervisor – I wasn’t used to having a lecturer’s attention so completely for an hour a week. It was also really interesting because my supervisor’s focus is middle-eastern studies and although I was working on Chinese studies, he was able to teach me about methodology.

What did you think of the Global Scholars seminars?

Guolin 1The topics of the plenary lecturers and the Global Scholars seminars, especially the environment ones, were not typically ones that I would pay attention to but it’s interesting to hear what other people have to say and then to discuss amongst ourselves the ideas that had been presented to us.

How did you find the people at PKP?

I am not a local Hong Kong person so I already feel like an outsider at HKU, and so in Cambridge it was more interesting because everyone is an outsider. Very interesting and very diverse, and almost everyone I met was willing to talk and discuss ideas.

What will you take away from PKP?

Asides from the memories of the beautiful flowers at Pembroke College, the supervision and my friends, my biggest take away would be that I can see that there is a bigger world out there. This was my first time to Europe and I would definitely come back. I would advise anyone who comes to PKP to be open to Cambridge and to new experiences.



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